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Sipel Electronics V147-BRASS-ESD Brass Tip Plier

Sipel Electronics V147-BRASS-ESD Brass Tip Plier

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Hand Tools

For the professional craftsmen or the occasional DIY enthusiast, investing in the very best quality hand tools you can afford is always advisable. With the right care and maintenance, your hand tools can last a lifetime. At Caulfield Industrial, we stock a wide range of top brands of hand tools at great prices to cater for all budgets. Choose from leading brands like Bahco , Knipex, Ridgid, Wera, Klein, Stanley, Irwin, Leatherman, Eclipse, Estwing, Gedore and Armstrong.

The hand tool market is constantly changing, with new product development being a priority for all the major brands, improving design and ergonomics all the time.

The main product categories we specialise in are as follows:

Pliers and cutters – With nearly 300 different types of pliers and cutters in stock, we can cater for any need or application! From standard combination pliers to more specialised slip joint and long nosed pliers and sets, we have it all. We also carry a wide range of aviation snips, wire strippers and crimpers.

Screwdrivers and hex keys – Caulfield Industrial is one of Ireland’s leading distributors, which is evident in the sheer range of screwdrivers, and screwdriver sets that we carry. For anyone looking for a flat, Phillips, ESD precision, VDE Electricians, or torx screwdrivers, we’ve got what you need in various price ranges.

Tool kits – We can build a tool kit or set to your exact requirements and budget. To enquire, please contact us on 091-795060, or choose from one of our standard tool kits - which are designed for service engineers, maintenance managers, plumbers, carpenters and more.

Striking and marking tools – Our range of striking tools covers everything from ball pein hammers to large sledge hammers and axes, from leading manufacturers like Estwing, Stanley, Vaughan and Bushnell. We also carry a full range of metal punches, chisels, crowbars and scrapers.

Files and saws – With over 50 different types of saws in stock, whatever material you are cutting, we will be able to provide a solution! We offer a wide range of saws including hack saws, coping saws, bow saws, tenon saws and fret saws.

Sockets and wrenches – A socket set and some quality spanners are a great starting point when assembling a set of hand tools. We carry a huge range of socket sets, from entry level kits for the home use, to more specialised sets for aerospace and other industries. We also carry individual wrenches and sockets in a wide variety of sizes and types; such as impact and deep sockets in metric and imperial, from leading manufacturers like Armstrong, Allen, Gedore and Carolus.

Knives and Scissors – With over 100 different knives in stock, it’s easy to find the blade you are looking for at Caulfields! From safety and precision knives and blades from Stanley and Personna, to multipurpose utility tools from Leatherman and Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, we’ve got you covered.

Insulated hand tools – These tools are designed specifically for electricians or anyone who needs to work with VDE or insulated hand tools. The Lemp range of insulated hand tools can be used on components that are live up to 1000V (AC).

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