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Torque Wrenches & Accessories

NORBAR  TTi20 TruTorque 1/4" Wrench

NORBAR TTi20 TruTorque 1/4" Wrench

€123.36 Ex Vat €99.00 Ex Vat

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Torque Wrenches & Accessories

Torques wrenches are used to tighten nuts and bolts to the specific level that you want them to be tightened. A torque wrench allows the user to measure the current tension as well as adjust the tension to be in line with the purposes of the nut or bolt’s application. This means that you are able to prevent instances where nuts and bolts are too tight or too loose, which can be detrimental to a mechanism working as it should for extended periods of time. The device is incredibly useful in applications where a very specific tension has to be acquired (such as the tightening of bolts on water pipes, for instance) and it also allows you to obtain the same level of tension repeatedly. Caulfield Industrial has a wide variety of torque wrenches and accessories available from a number of reliable brands. We have compiled our selection of torque wrenches carefully to ensure that strict quality standards are adhered to. This means that our products maintain a high standard in terms of materials used in their manufacturing so that they can endure hardwearing applications. You can therefore use them at home for DIY tasks, yet they will be able to help you with the successful completion of tasks if you are an industry professional. Our products differ in aspects such as the ranges of torque that they are able to measure, the appearance of their scale windows and the fittings or drill bits they are able to accommodate. The vastness of our variety allows you to select torque wrenches that are ideally suited to your application, whether this is for the tightening of bolts on tyres or for construction purposes. In addition, some of the wrenches are supplied with cases so that you can take them from one location to the next with secure protection. Available accessories include gauges and calibration analysers, amongst many others. For only the best torque wrenches in Ireland, browse our range and select the product that fulfills your needs. You are able to get torque wrenches from us online, making purchasing equally as simple as obtaining accuracy will be.
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