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LED Handheld Flashlights

Caulfield Industrial stocks a broad range of LED flashlights to suit your work needs. With these amazing tools you will be able to do any job in the dark. This is because their quality LED bulbs offer you more brightness while consuming less energy. As a result of this, you will not have to purchase new batteries regularly nor will you have to worry about your LED torch losing its strength when you are doing long night jobs. Because these are the top LED flashlights in Ireland, you’ll find that they are also designed for tough working conditions. Those in our Channellock and Energizer ranges are especially durable and boast strong cases. A robust outer casing leaves your flashlight weather and UV resistant. Therefore, you will not need worry about it getting damaged by rain or water accidently spilling onto it. Furthermore, your flashlight is less liable to break if it is accidently dropped, as the casing will absorb any shock. On top of this, our flashlights sport a comfortable grip for your hands. This will help to prevent your torch from slipping out of your hand when you are working in a wet area or are sweating in an extremely humid environment. Together with the more common torches, we also sell swivel flashlights. Unlike an ordinary torch, a swivel flashlight offers you the added benefit of being able to position its head at various angles. Because of this, you can stand the flashlight up like a lamp and direct the light where you want it by moving the flashlight’s head. This will allow you to do jobs requiring two hands without worrying about holding your torch. Besides the swivel LED torch, we also stock Duracell LED lamps. Like a swivel flashlight, these lamps also have adjustable heads so you can have control over the direction of your light. The extra benefit the Citec lamps offer is that they are cordless. Using rechargeable batteries instead of electrical outlets, these gadgets will let you work anywhere. As you continue to browse our LED flashlights, be sure to look at our popular Maglite LED range.
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