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STANLEY 19" Metal Tool Box - 2 Drawer

STANLEY 19" Metal Tool Box - 2 Drawer

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Tool Boxes

Tool boxes from Caulfield Industrial are a fantastic way of protecting, organising and transporting a variety of tools regardless of size or purpose. They protect your tools by providing a buffer between them and hard surfaces or accidents they may be exposed to (during transportation at the back of a vehicle from one site to the next, for example), and ensure ease of transportation by meaning that you only require one hand to carry around numerous items. Their organisational attribute is also a definite advantage that increases efficiency on the job regardless of what it is. Caulfield Industrial has a variety of tool boxes, tool box trolleys, tool totes and mobile units from some of the industry’s leading brand including Stanley, Britool, Facom and Kennedy. These high quality will optimize tool usage whether they are required by professional tradesmen, for “do-it-yourself” tasks at home, or even for hobbies. The comprehensive range includes tool boxes with different compartments that open on hinges, conveniently exposing all tools to make them quick and easy to grasp. Tool boxes with different compartments also serve as an excellent means of creating order, as dissimilar items can be stored in separate compartments, and smaller items can be separated from larger ones – basically allowing you to store tools according to their functions and sizes in a systemised manner. A logical storage system such as this is a great way to decrease the time (as well as the frustration) it takes to complete a task. The range also includes tool boxes on castors for a portable solution providing easy movement from one job to the next. In addition to this, Caulfield Industrial stocks mobile work stations that provide you with an ultimate solution to complete complex jobs requiring a variety of regular and power tools. These work stations include tool boxes in varied sizes – deep boxes to house large tools such as drills, and medium or regular sized boxes to house any miscellaneous tools you may require, or even items such as large rolls of tape or parts required for jobs. These systems can open up completely for easy access to all tools simultaneously, and present you with a more compact, easy to store solution when fully closed. Take advantage of premium tool boxes buy purchasing the item that fulfils your needs from Caulfield Industrial today.
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