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Water Leak & Drain Maintenance Equipment

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GEN-EAR LE  Water Leak Location System

GEN-EAR LE Water Leak Location System

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Water Leak & Drain Maintenance Equipment

Caulfield Industrial has groundbreaking technology in drain maintenance systems, carrying the new Gen-Ear LE leak detector. It is currently one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in water leak detection systems in Ireland, with deliveries possible within 24 hours. Underground water leaks vary in volume and intensity, the sound of the leak is directly proportional to the pressure of the water inside the pipe. Water leak detection can be difficult when dealing with pressurized pipes, with a pressure less than 30 psi, as the sound is not always present. As the water gushes from the pipe, into the surrounding soil at high speed, the pipeline materials vibrate at the point where it has ruptured and the water leak is detected. The vibration is transmitted through the pipe, and can be picked up at remote contact points with an acoustic water leak detector, which is the preferred tool in water detection leak equipment. In order to sufficiently and accurately locate where the leak is coming from you need to take readings at regular intervals in the area. Compare the various readings from the areas you collected the data, evaluate the readings from the lowest leak sound volume level to the highest leak sound volume - this will enable you to indicate and pin-point where the leak is located. This is the primary indicator in a modern water leak location system, since the background noise may vary, the leak is detected by the constant vibration produced by the decrease in pipe pressure. Finding the location where the leak volume is the highest is an important factor in water leak detection. The Gen-Ear LE leak detector is the ideal instrument for locating water leaks by the method mentioned above, for further information call Caulfield Industrial on 091-795060
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