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Sockets & Wrenches

Sockets & Wrenches

If you’ve been looking for sockets and wrenches, you’ve come to the right place. At Caulfield Industrial we stock a wide selection of these tools and accessories that will ensure you’ve got the kit you need to finish jobs on time. We sell full sets and stand-alone products so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. No matter what the job is, we’ve got you covered with tools like: • Socket sets • Ratcheting wrench sets • Socket and spanner sets • Screwdriver and socket bit sets • Metric combination spanner sets • Drive sockets • Ratchet handles • Drive accessories • Imperial and metric socket sets • Hex bit sockets • Pump wrenches • GEARWRENCH products • Half moon ring spanners • Adjustable wrenches • Hook wrenches As you can see from this comprehensive selection of sockets, wrenches and accessories, we’ve got the tool for you – no matter your job. Our equipment is suitable for a wide number of jobs such as those done by: • Plumbers • Electricians • Handymen • Engineers • Builders At Caulfields, you can rest easy knowing that the tools we stock are sourced from reputable manufacturers. This means that the products you purchase are of a high quality. All the products listed on our website can be purchased online. We deliver nationwide throughout Ireland, so take your pick and order your own sockets and wrenches today. The calibre of equipment you use could be the difference when it comes to completing your jobs on time.
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