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Our Services

Stock Management  
We stock over 50,000 items in our main warehouse in Galway. Detailed analysis of product demand and on-site logistics drives our stock policies to provide our customers with maximum availability. Our warehouse management package utilises bar code technology and electronic data transfer thus increasing product availability and reducing operating costs which provides joint business benefits. 

Purchasing Cards 
We are operating purchasing card programmes with many of our customers to streamline the acquisition of low value products and services. Utilisation of the Purchasing Card does result in the greatest overall savings in time and employee expense and the greatest efficiency to the customer.  

Performance Management 
We regularly monitor key service indicators such as delivery times, response times to queries and total spend analysis. We share this information with our customers so that they can compare our performance with other vendors. We see this process that appraises performance as a step towards improving it.  

Integrated use of Customer Part Numbers 
Cross-referencing from Caulfield Industrial product numbers to your own is another service that may improve accuracy and efficiency in your facility. If utilising your part numbers would be of interest, just let us know and we will be happy to discuss an implementation plan.  

Consolidated Invoicing  
Caulfield Industrial will tailor its billing process to satisfy our Customers needs. We can accommodate weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing on either group or individual invoices. Invoices can be referenced by purchase order number, cost or budget centre, department number, or any other reference information required.

Industrial Vending



System Logistics manufactures vertical and horizontal high density storing systems called MODULA® and CUBE® respectively. These systems consist of two rows of supports which contain trays that are transported by an automated elevator from the supports to the picking bay. The elevator moves vertically in the center between the two rows of supports. The high density storage warehouse is controlled by a hardware and software system that is efficient and easy to use.

MODULA® automatic storing system consists of a completely modular structure and can be up to 46 feet high to exploit the maximum available height in the building. MODULA® is controlled by SYSTORE® software and allows an elevated storage density and a large savings in terms of floor space.

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