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ZIRCON Water Level

€51.80 Ex Vat €39.99 Ex Vat

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ZIRCON Water Level €51.80 Ex Vat €39.99 Ex Vat
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Caulfield Industrial is proud to stock a wide range of quality measuring tools. Included in our list is this advanced water level from Zircon. This item is excellent for homebuilding and renovation work that involves the levelling of objects that are far apart.


To use this handy water level, simply mount its yellow plastic base unit onto an object you’re working with and open the valve to allow the water to start flowing. Once this is done, grab the tube and hold it up against the other object you’re trying to level. Move the tube up and down until the water level is in line with the level line indicator on the base unit.


Because it is a battery powered electronic water level, the Zircon Water Level online here also offers you extra advantages over traditional water levels. Using a 95db audio indicator, the Zircon will beep intermittently if the water level in the tube you’re holding is higher the line level indicator. On the other hand, if you’re holding the tube too low, then there will be no sound at all. It is only when you’ve found the right height that the device will utter a continuous tone to let you know. The benefit of this is that the Zircon will prevent you making inaccurate measurements.


Therefore, whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, or installing decks, fences, chair rails, or drop ceilings, don’t wait to make your long-distance levelling jobs easier today. Purchase this state-of-the-art Zircon Water Level from Caulfield Industrial.  

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ZIRCON  Water Level

ZIRCON Water Level

€39.99 Ex Vat

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