WELLER Soldering Tips to Suit WTCO51 Station

€4.23 - €7.54 Ex. VAT

Code Description Type No. Quantity Price Ex. VAT
C07053 370 degree Celsius PT-C7 €7.54
C07054 370 degree Celsius PT-E7 €7.54
C07055 370 degree Celsius PT-F7 €7.54
C07056 370 degree Celsius PT-H7 €7.54
C07057 370 degree Celsius PT-K7 €7.35
C07058 370 degree Celsius PT-L7 €7.54
C07059 370 degree Celsius PT-M7 €7.54
C07060 370 degree Celsius PT-O7 €7.54
C07061 370 degree Celsius 4PTP7-1 €7.54
C07062 370 degree Celsius PT-R7 €7.54
C07063 370 degree Celsius PT-AA7 €7.54
C07064 370 degree Celsius PT-BB7 €7.54
C07065 370 degree Celsius PT-CC7 €7.54
C07066 370 degree Celsius PT-DD7 €7.54
C07075 425 degree Celsius PT-C8 €7.35
C07076 425 degree Celsius PT-E8 €7.54
C07077 425 degree Celsius PT-F8 €7.54
C07078 425 degree Celsius PT-H8 €7.54
C07079 425 degree Celsius PT-K8 €7.35
C07080 425 degree Celsius PT-L8 €7.54
C07081 425 degree Celsius PT-M8 €7.54
C07082 425 degree Celsius PT-O8 €7.35
C07083 425 degree Celsius PT-R8 €7.54
C07084 425 degree Celsius PT-AA8 €7.54
C07085 425 degree Celsius PT-BB8 €7.54
C07086 425 degree Celsius PT-CC8 €7.54
C07087 425 degree Celsius PT-DD8 €7.54
C07067 480 degree Celsius PT-C9 €7.54
C07068 480 degree Celsius PT-E9 €7.54
C07069 480 degree Celsius PT-F9 €4.23
C07070 480 degree Celsius PT-M9 €7.54
C07071 480 degree Celsius PT-AA9 €7.54
C07072 480 degree Celsius PT-BB9 €7.54
C07073 480 degree Celsius PT-CC9 €7.54
C07074 480 degree Celsius PT-DD9 €7.54
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Weller Soldering Tips to Suit WTCO51 Station


Weller Soldering Tips to Suit WTCO51 Station is available to buy online at Caulfield Industrial.

  • If you are working with heavy loads, opt for a shorter tip with more bluntness
  • Applications with hard to reach soldering points can make use of longer, finer tips
  • specifically designed to accompany the Weller WTCO51 Soldering station as well as Weller TCP soldering iron

With our vast range of Weller soldering tips to suit the WTCO51 station in Ireland, you are assured that you will find the right tip for your specific application. It is incredibly important to use the correct tip size and shape, as the heat transferred during soldering is best done through more contact between the tip and the joint. This also results in more powerful soldering, tips with a longer service life and more efficient output overall.

If you use a tip that is too small, soldering will end up taking longer to complete and lead to much frustration as it will seem to be at too low a temperature. Conversely, if you use a tip that is too large, it could damage the items being soldered and create a gap in the soldering tip.

Once you have made the selection that is most suited to your end use, you can rest assured that the Weller soldering tips to suit the WTCO51 station on sale from Caulfield Industrial are brought to you by a brand that is renowned the world over for high quality standards. Start making the most of your soldering duties by getting your own Weller soldering tips today.


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