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STANLEY 30m Builders Chalk Line Reel Set 47-443

€10.17 Ex Vat €6.99 Ex Vat

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STANLEY 30m Builders Chalk Line Reel Set 47-443 €10.17 Ex Vat €6.99 Ex Vat
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Builders chalk line is a tool that’s been utilised by builders throughout the ages, with signs of its use dating as far back as ancient Egypt. It is an important carpentry and construction tool that professionals use to draw lines on surfaces, and it works far more easily than drawing by hand or working with a tool like a straightedge.


A chalk line tool looks and works similarly to a tape measure, though instead of a casing containing a measuring tape, a chalk line case contains a nylon string instead. In order to use it to mark a straight line, the casing is first filled with powdered chalk that coats the string, which is then laid flat between two points and pulled taut.


In order to transfer the powder from string to surface it is plucked in the middle and snapped. This method is an effective and accurate way to ensure that you can mark a straight line on a variety of surfaces, and the line which the chalk leaves behind after the string has been snapped into it can either be washed off or left for later reference.


The simple premise of this tool hasn’t changed much throughout the years, but improvements have been made to the casing as well as to the chalk and marking compounds used.  



  • Body type: Polypropylene
  • Line length: 100ft (30mtr)


Get this easy to use and immensely helpful tool from Caulfield Industrial today, and have it delivered right to your door. If you are a professional in the carpentry or construction industry you will benefit from using this well-known builders chalk line product. 

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