PTD 4ASM Screw Machine Length Drills

€0.54 - €2.41 Ex. VAT


Code Flute Length Overall Length Size (mm) Quantity Price Ex. VAT
H19448 13.00mm 35.00mm M1.10 €0.54
H19449 16.00mm 41.00mm M1.30 €0.54
H19450 16.00mm 41.00mm M1.40 €0.54
H19451 17.00mm 43.00mm M1.60 €0.54
H19452 17.00mm 43.00mm M1.70 €0.54
H19453 17.00mm 43.00mm M1.80 €0.54
H19454 17.00mm 43.00mm M1.90 €0.54
H19455 19.00mm 44.00mm M2.10 €0.54
H19456 19.00mm 44.00mm M2.20 €0.54
H19457 19.00mm 44.00mm M2.30 €0.54
H19458 21.00mm 46.00mm M2.60 €0.54 Only 2 left
H19459 21.00mm 46.00mm M2.70 €0.54
H19460 22.00mm 48.00mm M2.80 €0.54
H19461 22.00mm 48.00mm M2.90 €0.54
H19462 22.00mm 48.00mm M3.00 €0.54
H19463 22.00mm 48.00mm M3.10 €0.80
H19464 24.00mm 49.00mm M3.20 €0.80
H19466 24.00mm 49.00mm M3.40 €0.80
H19467 25.00mm 52.00mm M3.60 €0.80
H19468 25.00mm 52.00mm M3.70 €0.80
H19469 25.00mm 52.00mm M3.80 €0.80
H19470 25.00mm 52.00mm M3.90 €0.80
H19471 27.00mm 54.00mm M4.10 €0.80
H19472 27.00mm 54.00mm M4.20 €0.80
H19473 27.00mm 54.00mm M4.30 €0.80
H19474 29.00mm 56.00mm M4.60 €0.80
H19475 29.00mm 56.00mm M4.70 €0.80
H19476 30.00mm 57.00mm M4.80 €0.80
H19477 32.00mm 60.00mm M5.20 €1.07
H19478 32.00mm 60.00mm M5.30 €1.07
H19479 32.00mm 60.00mm M5.40 €1.07
H19481 33.00mm 62.00mm M5.60 €1.07
H19482 33.00mm 62.00mm M5.70 €1.07
H19483 33.00mm 62.00mm M5.80 €1.07
H19484 33.00mm 62.00mm M5.90 €1.07
H19485 35.00mm 64.00mm M6.10 €1.34
H19488 37.00mm 67.00mm M6.40 €1.34
H19489 37.00mm 67.00mm M6.60 €1.34
H19490 37.00mm 67.00mm M6.70 €1.34
H19491 38.00mm 68.00mm M6.80 €1.34
H19492 38.00mm 68.00mm M6.90 €1.34
H19493 38.00mm 68.00mm M7.10 €1.34
H19494 40.00mm 70.00mm M7.20 €1.34
H19495 40.00mm 70.00mm M7.30 €1.34
H19496 40.00mm 70.00mm M7.40 €1.34
H19497 41.00mm 71.00mm M7.60 €1.34
H19498 41.00mm 71.00mm M7.70 €1.34
H19499 41.00mm 71.00mm M7.90 €1.34
H19500 43.00mm 76.00mm M8.10 €1.61
H19501 43.00mm 76.00mm M8.20 €1.61
H19502 43.00mm 76.00mm M8.30 €1.61
H19503 43.00mm 76.00mm M8.40 €1.61
H19508 44.00mm 78.00mm M9.10 €1.87
H19509 46.00mm 79.00mm M9.20 €1.87
H19510 46.00mm 79.00mm M9.30 €1.87
H19511 46.00mm 79.00mm M9.40 €1.87
H19512 48.00mm 83.00mm M9.60 €1.87
H19513 48.00mm 83.00mm M9.70 €1.87
H19514 48.00mm 83.00mm M9.80 €1.87
H19515 48.00mm 83.00mm M9.90 €1.87
H19517 49.00mm 84.00mm M10.20 €2.41
H19520 54.00mm 90.00mm M11.80 €2.41
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Precision Twist Drill High Speed Steel 4ASM Heavy-Duty Screw Machine Drills

Manufactured to DIN lengths. NAS 907, Type C, 135 degree self-centering split point. Surface Finish: Black Oxide
  • High speed steel (HSS) provides good wear resistance and can be used in general purpose applications on both ferrous and nonferrous materials.
  • Oxide prevents chip building, galling and welding on the workpiece. It is commonly used on low carbons, stainless steel and iron based ferrous metals.
  • Spiral flutes are constructed of a higher flute angle to remove chips easier.

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