GUHRING 301 Colbalt Hss-E-PM Micro Precision Drills

€8.05 - €25.96 Ex. VAT

Code Overall Length Flute Length Diameter Quantity Price Ex. VAT
K19088 25.00mm 0.40mm 0.050mm €17.19
K19089 25.00mm 0.40mm 0.060mm €17.19
K19090 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.070mm €16.91
K19091 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.075mm €25.96
K19092 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.080mm €16.55
K19093 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.090mm €16.91
K19094 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.100mm €14.08
k19095 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.105mm €21.20
K19096 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.110mm €16.55
K19097 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.115mm €21.20
K19098 25.00mm 0.50mm 0.120mm €15.25
K19099 25.00mm 0.80mm 0.125mm €21.20
K19100 25.00mm 0.80mm 0.130mm €14.81
K19102 25.00mm 0.80mm 0.140mm €14.35
K19103 25.00mm 0.80mm 0.147mm €21.20
K19104 25.00mm 0.80mm 0.150mm €21.20
K19106 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.155mm €18.55
K19107 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.160mm €13.44
K19108 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.170mm €12.90
K19109 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.175mm €22.58
K19110 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.180mm €12.61
K19111 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.185mm €17.57
K19112 25.00mm 1.10mm 0.190mm €12.61
K19113 25 1.50mm 0.195mm €17.57
K19114 25.0mm 1.50mm 0.200mm €19.53
K19115 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.205mm €17.57
K19116 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.210mm €12.16
K19117 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.215mm €19.83
K19118 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.220mm €12.16
K19119 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.225mm €16.91
K19120 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.230mm €12.16
K19121 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.235mm €16.26
K19122 25.00mm 1.50mm 0.240mm €12.16
K19123 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.245mm €16.26
K19124 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.250mm €10.43
K19125 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.255mm €16.26
K19126 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.260mm €10.15
K19127 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.265mm €16.26
K19128 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.270mm €9.95
K19129 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.280mm €9.77
K19131 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.285mm €12.71
K19132 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.290mm €9.77
K19133 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.295mm €12.71
K19134 25.00mm 1.90mm 0.300mm €16.25
K19135 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.305mm €12.71
K19136 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.310mm €9.23
K19138 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.320mm €9.23
K19137 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.315mm €12.71
K19139 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.325mm €12.71
K19140 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.330mm €9.23
K19141 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.340mm €9.23
K19142 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.345mm €12.16
K19143 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.350mm €8.76
K19144 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.355mm €12.16
K19145 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.360mm €9.23
K19146 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.365mm €12.16
K19147 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.370mm €9.23
K19148 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.375mm €12.16
K19149 25.00mm 2.40mm 0.380mm €9.23
K19150 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.385mm €12.16
K19151 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.390mm €9.03
K19152 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.400mm €13.58
K19153 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.405mm €12.42
K19154 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.410mm €9.03
K19155 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.415mm €15.25
K19156 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.420mm €9.03
K19157 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.425mm €11.61
k19158 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.430mm €9.03
K19159 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.432mm €11.61
K19160 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.440mm €9.03
K19161 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.445mm €11.61
K19162 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.450mm €8.22
K19163 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.460mm €8.49
K19164 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.465mm €11.52
K19165 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.470mm €8.49
K19166 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.475mm €11.06
K19167 25.00mm 3.0mm 0.480mm €13.58
K19168 25.00mm 3.40mm 0.485mm €11.06
K19169 25.00mm 3.40mm 0.490mm €8.05
K19170 25.00mm 3.40mm 0.495mm €11.06
K19171 25.00mm 3.40mm 0.500mm €12.17
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Colbalt, Micro Precision ( Type N)  118° point, reinforced straight shank, RH helix, Nitrided finish, right hand cutting. Tolerance: 0/-0.004


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