GUHRING 1259 M42 Type N Stub Drill High alloyed CoMo steel

€8.24 - €58.29 €4.00 - €58.29 Ex. VAT

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Code Overall Length Flute Length Type No. Quantity Price Ex. VAT
C20001 43mm 14mm 2.50mm €8.38 €4.00
C20007 46mm 16mm 3.00mm €8.24 €4.00
C20008 49mm 18mm 3.10mm €8.64 €5.00
C20009 49mm 18mm 3.20mm €8.97 €5.00
C20010 49mm 18mm 3.30mm €8.97 €5.00
C20011 52mm 20mm 3.40mm €9.95 €5.00
C20012 52mm 20mm 3.50mm €9.28 €5.00
C20013 52mm 20mm 3.60mm €9.79 €5.00
C20014 52mm 20mm 3.70mm €9.79 €6.00
C20015 55mm 22mm 3.80mm €10.71 €6.00
C20017 55mm 22mm 4.00mm €9.35 €6.00
C20018 55mm 22mm 4.10mm €11.44 €6.00
C20019 55mm 22mm 4.20mm €11.54 €6.00
C20020 58mm 24mm 4.30mm €11.99 €6.00
C20021 58mm 24mm 4.40mm €12.55
C20022 58mm 24mm 4.50mm €10.25 €7.00
C20023 58mm 24mm 4.60mm €13.27 €7.00
C20024 58mm 24mm 4.70mm €13.57 €7.00
C20025 62mm 26mm 4.80mm €14.00 €8.00
C20026 62mm 26mm 5.00mm €14.64 €8.00
C20027 62mm 26mm 5.10mm €17.21 €8.00
C20028 62mm 26mm 5.20mm €18.65 €8.00
C20029 66mm 28mm 5.40mm €20.91 €8.00
C20030 66mm 28mm 5.50mm €21.83 €8.00
C20033 66mm 28mm 6.0mm €25.87 €9.00
C20034 70mm 31mm 6.10mm €27.74 €9.00
C20035 70mm 31mm 6.20mm €28.11 €9.00
C20036 70mm 31mm 6.30mm €28.40 €9.00
C20038 70mm 31mm 6.40mm €29.15 €11.00
C20039 70mm 31mm 6.50mm €29.43
C20040 70mm 31mm 6.60mm €29.66
C20041 74mm 34mm 6.80mm €31.59
C20042 74mm 34mm 6.90mm €32.89
C20043 74mm 34mm 7.00mm €34.42 €11.00
C20045 74mm 34mm 7.50mm €39.53 €11.00
C20046 79mm 37mm 7.70mm €40.64 €11.00
C20047 79mm 37mm 7.80mm €41.93 €14.00
C20048 79mm 37mm 7.90mm €41.93 €14.00
C20049 79mm 37mm 8.00mm €43.62 €16.00
C20053 79mm 37mm 8.50mm €58.29
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Guhring Type No. 1259
Stub drill, dimensions to DIN1414, produced in high alloyed CoMo Steel(8% Co, 10% Mo)
Preferential application in medium and high strength alloys on a CrNi base such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, Nimonic, Stainless Steels, Acid and heat resistant steels. Also for machining of wear resistant sheet metal as well as steels or bronze with a tensile strength of up to approximately 1400N/mm2


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