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The IPA solvent (Isopropyl Alcohol) on offer from Caulfield Industrial is an extremely safe solvent that is widely used to clean delicate electrical and electronic components of different devices. In addition to the electronics industry, it is used in the computing, aerospace and medical industries.

This gentle yet effective alcohol based cleaner can remove moisture by forming an azeotrope. An azeotrope is a mixture of two or multiple liquids which have been mixed in a way that the azeotrope components are not altered when distilled. Practically, in the case of the IPA solvent (a mixture of water and IPA), this allows it to evaporate quicker than water. This quick evaporation means that it cleans quickly and effectively and does not leave any residues.

In addition to being used on metals, it is safe to use on most rubbers and plastic, and this excellent material compatibility makes it ideal for use around your home.

Standard compliance specifications:

  • Conforms to BS 1595
  • Conforms to ASTM D770
  • Conforms to DIN 53245

It can be used for a number of different applications around the house and your office. This includes cleaning video and audio heads, computer components and optical devices such as spectacle lenses. At the office, in addition to the uses mentioned, it is also effective in cleaning photocopier drums.

Caulfield Industrial strives to stay at the forefront of product innovation through our offerings, and providing you with products that help you with the upkeep of your devices and tools are part of our commitment to you.

Browse our selection of cleaning products and purchase your own IPA solvent today. 

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€10.52 Ex Vat

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