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Ambersil 30239-AA 500g High-Temperature Copper Anti-seize Paste

€17.46 Ex Vat

€21.48 Inc VAT

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Ambersil 30239-AA 500g High-Temperature Copper Anti-seize Paste €17.46 Ex Vat €21.48 Inc VAT
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Ambersil 30239 500g High-Temperature Copper Anti-seize Paste


Ambersil Copper Paste is a high-temperature anti-seize lubricant. A soft, copper-coloured paste, based on micronised copper powder and synergistic anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives suspended in a premium grade stable oil. It is an effective anti-seize formulation, preventing metal-to-metal contact, seizing, galling, and fretting corrosion.

  • Lead-free and nickel free
  • Ensures accurate assembly
  • Resistant to hot and cold water
  • High pressure and high-temperature resistance
  • Excellent sealing even in corrosive atmospheres
  • Threaded parts remain in good condition and can be re-used
  • Good corrosion protection even in highly corrosive environments
  • Does not migrate, even when heated to 370 degree Celsius
  • Reduces friction and wear, even when the base oil has already evaporated
  • Separating film ensures favourable release behaviour of the threaded connections
  • True copper paste exhibits much higher copper content than equivalent copper greases
  • The aerosol formulation does not contain chlorinated solvents and uses hydrocarbon propellant
  • Wheel Bolts
  • Guides for brakes
  • Bushings, fittings
  • Flanges, flange seal
  • Bolts, nuts and pins
  • Splines
  • Spark plugs
  • Sliding sleeves/shafts
  • Press fits
  • Brake adjusters
  • Exhaust screw connections
  • Linkages
  • Pipeline connections
  • To absorb disk brake noise
  • Screw connections on hydraulic equipment
  • Size: 500 g
  • Operational Temperature Range: -30 to 1100 degree Celsius
  • Appearance: Homogenous, Copper Colored
  • Flash Point (Open Cup): < 0 degree Celsius
  • Boiling Range (Solvent): 60-95 degree Celsius
  • Vapour Density (Air=1): 3
  • Specific Gravity (at 20 degree Celsius): 0.99
  • Flash Point (Open Cup): > 200 degree Celsius
  • Low-Temperature Stability: -30 degree Celsius
  • Lubrication: 300 degree Celsius
  • Anti-Seize: 1100 degree Celsius
  • Hot Water Resistance: 1
  • Four-Ball Wear: 0.5 mm

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