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 Estwing E15S 394mm Ultra Series Leather

Estwing E15S 394mm Ultra Series Leather

€53.16 - €55.24 Ex Vat €44.99 - €49.99 Ex Vat

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Since 1923 Estwing has been at the forefront of advanced tool design and manufacturing techniques. The world renowned brand has been responsible for many innovations which are widely used around the globe.It is this ingenuity and pioneering style that has kept them at the top of the industry for nearly a century. Caulfield Industrial now brings you a broad selection of the top Estwing tools in Ireland to ensure that you have only the best equipment to work with. Estwing produces: • Nail hammers • Wood splitting tools • Brick layer hammers • Specialty tools • Dry wall hammers • Sure strike tools • Soft face hammers • and a lot more Purchasing Estwing hammers online means investing in the skills of a specialist organization which is known for successfully generating innovative products and designs. If you thought a hammer was simply a hammer then you may be surprised by the distinctions. In 2001 the company introduced a new line of shock reduction grips which greatly reduced the inconvenient vibrations which were natural to using a hammer. The grip went so far as to add greater comfort for longer sessions of use as well as providing more control over your swing. Although the brand produces some of the most powerful and durable stainless steel hammers, in 2003 they came up with another innovation – the Weight Forward fiberglass hammer line. These advanced models were able to hugely reduce impact related shock while increasing wielding and driving power at the same time, delivering a new standard to the fiberglass hammer industry. The Estwing line has been trusted to roll out some of the most reliable, well crafted and powerful tools in the business. Take advantage of the Caulfield Industrial Estwing hammer sale and ensure that you’ve got the right tool for the job.
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