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ADAM LHS Crane Scales

ADAM LHS Crane Scales

€442.14 - €475.73 Ex Vat


Making use of the right measuring tools is, naturally, vital for successful construction and manufacturing but technology moves swiftly and ensuring that you get the right, reliable equipment for the job can be complex. From metrology and electronic test equipment to the huge growth in laser tools and thermal imaging cameras, this product category has seen huge innovation in recent years. Brands such as Mitutoyo, Fluke, Extech and Flir are leading the way in this market. Metrology is basically the science of measurement and no company provides a better range of products for this than Mitutoyo. Caulfield industrial is the official distributor of their measuring tools in Ireland and are also proud to have the only Mitutoyo showroom in the county. This custom built room displays a full range of measuring equipment such as: • Calipers, height gauges and micrometers • Calibration equipment • Hardness and surface testers • Feeler gauges and machinists tools When it comes to the manufacture of electronic test tools and equipment, no other brand leads the way like Fluke. As one of the primary distributors of their electronic test equipment and measuring accessories in Ireland, we carry a full range of their latest products in this constantly changing market segment. Here is an idea on the main market segments: • Multimeters and clamp meters • Cable, insulation and continuity testers • Voltage detectors and testers • Oscilloscopes, RF synthesisers and spectrum analysers • Thermometers and probes Without a doubt, the most exciting and fast growing product range in the last two years has been the thermal imaging camera market. Market leaders Flir have, in the last year, launched a range of cameras starting from €1000 and upwards. Thermal imaging cameras are being used in more and more applications, from plant maintenance to building diagnostics and building energy rating (BER) certification to name but a few. Laser tools have been another huge growth market in the last five years, and the applications and types available have grown dramatically. We carry a wide range of laser rangefinders and distance measurers from Bosch to DeWalt. We also stock a large range of rotary laser levels and self levelling equipment from CST/Berger, Bosch and DeWalt. Contact Industrial tools online today to locate the right quality measuring tools to suit your needs.
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