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One of Caulfield Industrial’s major strengths is in the provision of maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) engineering tools and equipment to large manufacturing facilities and small engineering workshops in Ireland. These tools, machines and consumables cover a wide variety of products from welding machines to metalworking machines, as well as a huge range of lubricants, oils and general maintenance products. The range of engineering equipment we carry can be broken down into a couple of key areas: Welding – Caulfield Industrial has been selling welders in Ireland for more than 30 years and has a great deal of expertise in both sales and service of Tig and Mig welders and plasma cutters. The primary products we supply are: • Welding Machinery – ESAB / Murex have led the way globally, and in Ireland in recent years, with the development of breakthrough technology within the industry. We stock a complete range of welders for all applications and situations. The main ranges concentrate on Mig/Mag Arc and Tig welding, and we also stock a full range of plasma cutters. In addition to this we supply a wide variety of welding machines from Parweld and SIP. • Welding Wire and Accessories – Safety is a key issue with regards to welding and even more so with the consumables that are used. From welding wire, torches to gas regulators and welding hoses, we only carry quality accessories. • Welding Helmets and Clothing – Automatic welding helmets and glasses are essential to protect the eyes for anyone picking up a welder. We also stock a full range of flame retardant / proban gloves and clothing. • Metalworking – This covers a huge range of machines and equipment from drill presses and bending machines to band saws and grinders through brands such as Scantool, Knuth and Haas. • General Maintenance – Oils and greases are essential parts of any plant or workshop maintenance. We only carry quality greases and oils from Castrol, as well as a wide variety of dispensing equipment and fittings for every situation. • Pipe Maintenance - Ridgid are the market leaders in tools for pipe fabrication and maintenance, and we carry a huge selection of their pipe bending and cutting machines, pipe wrenches and threading tools. It is important to note that Caulfield Industrial’s full supply of engineering accessories can not be entirely catalogued here. As Ireland’s leading supplier of industrial tools online, why not take some time to browse our product range or call us now for further details in Galway on 091-795060
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