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STANLEY FatMax Measuring Tapes

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STANLEY FatMax Measuring Tapes €25.77 - €30.93 Ex Vat €19.99 - €21.99 Ex Vat
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The Stanley FatMax Tape is without doubt one of the top spring tape measures in our collection. If you don’t have a tape measure in your toolbox, then this is the one to get.

With its cleverly designed hook, the Stanley FatMax Tape will allow you to grip the top as well the bottom of any object you are measuring. On top of this, the hook grips onto the side of objects without you ever having to tilt the tape measure.

What is also great is that you don’t have to bother with holding the metal blade in place when it is extended. With the use of a switch, you can lock the FatMax so that the blade doesn’t retract suddenly. This feature will prevent you from losing a measurement or injuring your fingers while on the job.

Furthermore, the FatMax’s blade is difficult to break and it can extend further than that of your average tape measure without collapsing. This will come in handy when you are measuring the height of a high wall, as the blade won’t collapse backwards onto you.

Other FatMax features include:

  • A powerful spring giving you the benefit of fast blade retraction
  • A soft grip to prevent the tool from slipping out of your hand
  • A wide blade with numbers that you can see easily

Make sure to get your Stanley FatMax Tape online at Caulfield Industrial now and see why this brilliant device remains the go-to spring tape measure for most carpenters and builders.


  • This FatMax™ Tape Rule with Blade Armor™ coating has a 16'(5m) x 1-1/4'' blade
  • Blade Armor™ coating is a patented industrial thermoplastic coating
  • Blade Armor™ is on the first 6'' of the FatMax® Tape Rules for maximum durability and reduced blade breakage
  • 1-1/4'' wide blade (25% wider) with 11' of standout and easy to read graphics
  • Top forward blade lock makes it easier to lock and unlock the blade
  • Exclusive cushion grip built into the case for a comfortable non-slip grip and impact resistance
  • Dual material case
  • Specially designed, hook grabs on side top or bottom
  • Strong spring for smooth retraction
  • Stainless steel wearplate protects case from being cut by blade


  • Height : 3-1/4'',82.55mm
  • Length : 3-1/4'',82.55mm
  • Width : 2'',50.8mm
  • Weight : 0.875 lbs, 0.4 kilos
  • Blade Length : 5m/16'
  • Blade Width : 1-1/4''
  • Case Material: ABS
  • Color : Yellow
  • Replacement Blades: No


  • 11' tape standout
  • 1-1/4'' wide blade for easy readability
  • BladeArmor™ coating on the first 6'' maximizes durability of hook end
  • Mylar® polyester film extends life of entire blade
  • High-impact ABS case with rubber over mold is jobsite tough
  • Top-forward blade lock makes locking and unlocking a cinch
  • 16'' and 19.2'' stud center markings simplify framing jobs
  • Cushion grip provides comfortable, slip-resistant hold
  • Specially designed hook grabs on side, top or bottom for versatility


  • Blade Length: 8m/26'
  • Blade Width : 1-1/4''
  • Replacement Blades : No
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STANLEY FatMax Measuring Tapes

STANLEY FatMax Measuring Tapes

€19.99 - €21.99 Ex Vat

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