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MUREX MO-316L Tig Welding Rods, Stainless Steel

€73.56 Ex Vat

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MUREX MO-316L Tig Welding Rods, Stainless Steel €73.56 Ex Vat
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MUREX MO-316L Tig Welding Rods, Stainless Steel

TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding is the process of arc welding with a welding rod (tungsten electrode) to produce a weld. Welding rods are commonly used to join stainless steel and nonferrous materials, such as aluminium and magnesium, to each other. The use of welding rods makes joining thin materials easy and the new joint is highly durable. A characteristic of this method is a steady arc which produces high quality welds, however, significant operator skill is required and that can only be achieved at a relatively low welding speed.

Varying energy sources can be used for welding; including a gas flame, an electric arc, a laser, an electron beam, friction, and ultrasound but the most common energy source are welding rods. Often used in an industrial environment, welding is also executed in a range of different work settings; including the open air, under water and even in outer space.

Murex TIG welding rods will provide you with high quality material which will leave a permanent seal. The welded area is a result of a gas shield and also prevents the occurrence of oxidation.  The welding rods are commonly referred to as being filler rods as the actual tungsten electrode is not consumed to form the weld. It is the job of the filler metal to form a tight seal and bond the two metals together.

Product Specifications:


  • 1.6mm thick
  • 2.4mm thick
  • 3.2mm thick
  • All weigh 5kgs

Using the best materials to secure the perfect bond between metals secures a tight seal that is sure to make your job seamless. This can only be achieved by using Murex TIG welding rods.    

Saffire 18/8/3 Mo-316L is a low carbon 19%Cr12%Ni3%Mo type filler rod for welding molybdenum bearing stainless steels of similar composition.

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