MASTERLOCK Portable Red Group Lock Box

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A Masterlock lock box helps you to comply with safety regulations when it comes to the servicing of electrical equipment. This lockout box is ideal for situations where there are many workers and a great deal of energy control points that require lockout, which is why many industrial companies have made use of the Masterlock Portable Red Group Lock Box in Ireland.


Often numerous pieces of equipment are worked on at the same time during servicing and repairs. This requires that energy control points are locked down until all workers have completed their duties, otherwise accidents and serious injuries may occur. The Masterlock Portable Red Group Lock Box on sale from Caulfield Industrial allows you to create a system that ensures the safety of those working on electrical equipment by effectively storing equipment locks. This means that you will be able to determine which work is completed by looking at the locks that are still fastened to the safety lock box.


In summary, the Masterlock Portable Red Group Lock Box online helps you to:

  • increase efficiency and save time.
  • accurately keep track of workers’ lockout activity.
  • store a great amount of locks in the box.
  • systemise lockout procedures for large groups.


The box has numerous fastening points for locks, and is able to store locks on its inside as well. It is manufactured using steel, making it robust and durable enough to handle hardwearing applications for a long service life. Create a culture of efficiency and safety in your environment by getting the Masterlock lock box today.


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